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   Paul Robinson
  Paul Robinson

   Derek Law

  Derek Law


Our EWP Trainers/Assessors

Paul Robinson and Derek Law are approved and registered assessors for Skills Organisation.

Paul Robinson has been in the access industry since July 1996. As the Sales and Marketing manager for SNORKEL, training was part of his position and this makes him one of the longest standing trainers in the access industry in New Zealand. Training and safety was the cornerstone of the company and he has trained many of the hire companies counter staff and end users that use, or hire these machines every day.

As a qualified engineer he also understands the mechanical limitations of the machines.

To be an effective trainer one has to be trained as a trainer, so in late 2000 Paul was part of the first intake of prospective trainers taught by the Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE to educate adults in the workplace.

In 2009, Hire Knowledge Ltd was formed to give your staff the benefit of Paul’s experience and industry knowledge. Most operators have used machines before, but very few have been taught to do "pre-operational checks" and use the log books properly. This allows them to get the best EWP operator training available. It is so important to understand why we do things, not just that they have to be done This empowers your operators to make the right and safe decision every time.

Early in 2010, Paul was approved as a registered assessor by Skills Organisation to assess EWP unit standards.

In 2015 Derek Law joined Hire Knowledge. He bought with him a wealth of knowledge on electrical systems and electronics. Previously Derek has worked for both Kodak and Luton Polytechnic, running their R&D departments.

Both Paul and Derek hold level 4 adult educational trainers qualifications.