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Hianz EWP Silver Card / EWP Unit standards

As of January 2015 all HIANZ trainers have been delivering EWP unit standard assessments through the HIANZ silver card course.

All assessment material is supplied and controlled by Skills Organisation who are the standards setting board for the EWP unit standards, so when it comes to assessments, employers will know that the assessent material meets the evidence requirements set out by Skills Organisation.

Our trainers report all EWP unit standards through Skills Organisation and are also moderated externally by Skills Organisation.

All learners are enrolled with Skills Organisation with their results being reported by Skills to NZQA and recorded on the learner’s NZROA (New Zealand Record of Achievement).

Training and EWP unit standard assessments

Theory training is covered by the HIANZ EWP operator course that involves a PowerPoint presentation and the “Using elevating work platforms safely “manual to prepare the Trainee for the assessment.

US23966 (V2) Describe types of elevating work platforms (EWPs) and legislative requirements for their use”                              Level 3 credits 2.

 This is a compulsory Unit required prior to the practical EWP Units. This is a classroom style Unit that would normally take a morning or afternoon to complete.

EWP practical assessments are then carried out, based on the requirements of the employer and may include any of the units stated below:-

Assess the worksite, prepare and operate an Elevating work Platform (EWP)

US23960 (v3) – Scissor lift                                               Level 3 Credits 3

US23961 (v3) - Truck Mounted Boom Lift                        Level 3 Credits 4

US23962 (v3) – Self-propelled Boom Lift                         Level 4 Credits 5

US23963 (v3) – Trailer Mounted Boom Lift                      Level 3 Credits 4

US23964 (v3) – Vertical Lift                                              Level 3 Credits 2

These assessments comply with the minimum requirement set out by the Best Practice Guidelines for Elevating work platforms August 2014 for machine operation in a working environment.